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Translate Website in Spanish – English to Spanish Website Translation

English to Spanish Website Translation

Spanish is second to Chinese when it comes to the number of worldwide native speakers. It is the fourth largest spoken language in the world after English, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindi. The language has over 500 million speakers, and you can find a majority in Mexico, Spain, and the United States.

Spanish is the native language of Spain. But besides Spain, Spanish is spoken in many different countries, including Cuba, Argentina, Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Ecuador.

Alongside this, a considerable number of Spanish speakers reside in countries such as Belize, Gibraltar, and Andorra. In the United States, over 43 million people speak Spanish as their first language, and the number continues to grow. The figure makes the United States the second-largest Spanish speaking country in the world after Mexico.

Spanish is one of the six official languages of the UN. But, besides the UN, Spanish enjoys a prominent status with many other organizations, including the Organization of American States, Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, African Union, and the Union of South American Nations.

Linguistically, Spanish, like many other European languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian, is a Romance language that developed evolved out of the Vulgar Latin. It is one of the closest to the entire group of Romance languages to Latin and derives around 75% of its vocabulary from it.

Spanish has several dialects based on the countries that speak them. Among all, Castilian Spanish is the most widely spoken one around the world. Other Spanish dialects include Caribbean Spanish, Mexican/ Central American, Andalusian, Rioplatense Spanish, Chilean Spanish, Canarian Spanish, Colombian Spanish, Puerto Rican Spanish, Colombian Spanish, Cantabrian, American Spanish, etc.

Growing Your Business With Spanish Language Support

The geographical expanse of Spanish across the western world, along with its number of speakers, make it a significant language in the business world.

Besides, a lot of Spanish-speaking countries are developing nations that offer a wide range of business opportunities. They are growing on multiple fronts, including tourism, eLearning, manufacturing, automobile, pharmaceuticals, etc. So, targeting the extensive user base of these countries opens access to a large prospect base that’s looking out for products and services that match their expectations.

Fortunately, unlike the yesteryears, businesses don’t have to do door to door marketing. The use of the internet and its ever-increasing popularity in the form of increased use of apps, portals, software, websites, etc. allows business owners to reach every internet user of the country, and also influence the rest as well through it.

Nevertheless, all of it is possible only when the brands speak Spanish. Language, if used wisely and appropriately, makes business a blissful experience. However, if it isn’t leveraged in the right manner, it could prove a significant impediment to business, impeding the extent that business, over a while, disappears from the market! Such a short-sighted vision doesn’t help.

So, if businesses want to blossom in the Spanish-speaking markets, they must speak Spanish and translate their virtual content (especially website) in Spanish. Why websites? Websites, in particular, constitute an essential aspect of every business. They help companies to reach a more substantial number of people at a time, help users access information at any time, at their convenience, help them understand in their language, and also transact with the company, without reaching out to it physically.

Besides, the ever-increasing number of internet speakers across the Spanish-speaking regions, English – Spanish website translations prove even more critical to the success of every brand wanting to operate in the areas. So, what are the benefits of translating the website in Spanish, or in what way do English to Spanish website translations prove advantageous for businesses in the long run?

Here are some pointers that precisely highlight the sustainable significance of Spanish website translations for business, irrespective of the industry they serve.

  • Pull Spanish-speaking prospects towards the brand with the help of appropriate and correctly translated Spanish web content.
  • Create a wider and sustainable outreach in the Spanish-speaking markets
  • Establish trust, reputation, and credibility within the Spanish speakers around the world.
  • Assist prospects in understanding the content well.
  • Connect with Spanish speakers, and resonate with their linguistic needs when it comes to dealing with brands, particularly on the internet.
  • Helping prospects make informed buying decisions, and comprehend the product, services, user instructions, terms, and policies, etc. in their language, without the help of a translator.
  • Develop brand loyalty through the facilitation of linguistically, culturally, and technically accurate Spanish content to the Spanish speakers.
  • Increase the website lead conversion rate by providing a better understanding of the business, as users prefer transacting with brands that speak their language.
  • Increase regional online sales through higher conversions, increased loyalty, and trust.
  • Outgrow global competitors with the help of simple, yet far-sighted and comprehensive linguistic strategy.

Translate Your English Website in Spanish with The Website Translator

The Website Translator is a subscription-based, unique, and comprehensive translation solution exclusively aimed at translating websites from English to various other languages, including English to Spanish. It is a trusted website solution, and a lot of reputed brands across the globe recognize it as their preferred website translation solution.

The Website Translator transcends translations. It isn’t a tool, but an extraordinary website translation solution that offers technical as well as a lot of indirect commercial benefits for businesses looking forward to expanding in various regional markets of the globe. Here are some of the features of The Website Translator that constitutes its uniqueness in the linguistic space of the business world.

  • Compatibility with Multiple Web Architectures and CMSs

The Website Translator is a new-age website translation solution. It acknowledges the fact that every business is different, and the website of various businesses as well vary. Experts of The Website Translator have designed it by keeping all the technological advancements in mind, and hence, the solution is fully compatible with multiple web architectures. It also translates content on various CMSs, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Woo Commerce, and many others.

  • Full and Partial Website Translations

The Website Translator is designed to meet the website translation needs of modern businesses. It covers the entire website, translating every relevant aspect of it, right from the website menu, the content, banner text, widgets, etc. in the most appropriate form of the language involved.

But, at times, when you don’t need to translate the entire website, The Website Translator enables you to select the parts of the website you need. It helps you maintain contextual relevance.

  • SEO Compliance

The Website Translator is an SEO compliant solution. Besides, translating the existing content on your website helps you enhance your search engine rankings with local language search and voice search.

  • The Website Translator is a Secure Website Translation Solution

Most of the translation solutions out there demand a change to the source code or touch the original code or the database of the website. But The Website Translator does not modify or touch the source code. So, your website remains secure. Apart from this, the deployment happens within your premises or hosting. Hence, there are no data security issues either.

  • Multiple Script Support

The Website Translator supports multiple scripts, including Latin, Arabic, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), and many others. So, when it comes to Spanish, which uses the Latin script, The Website Translator is completely compatible, and your readers won’t have any problem whatsoever while reading the script, or discomfort while dealing with any font.

  • Consistent User Experience

The Website Translator delivers consistent user experience across all the website types, pages, and languages, including Spanish. Besides, its compatibility with various devices such as tablets, laptops, mobile, etc. enables users to enjoy seamless website translation experience.

Spanish website translations open the doors to a prospect base of over 500 million from around 20 countries. Translating your website into Spanish enables you to target the massive user base of the language, and which is why you need a competitive, comprehensive, and specialized website translation solution.