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Translate Website in Kannada – English Kannada Website Translation

English Kannada Website Translation

Kannada is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly in the southwestern state of Karnataka. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and has over 60 million first language, second and third language speakers altogether. Like many other Indian languages, Kannada derives its vocabulary from Sanskrit.

The language, along with Karnataka, is spoken by minorities across various other neighboring Indian states such as some southern parts of Maharashtra, northern parts of Kerala, and the western parts of Tamilnadu, and Andhra Pradesh, along with some regions of Goa. Kannada uses the Kannada script. But besides the Kannada script, the language also uses Kannada Braille, along with the former Tigalari script.

Kannada is one of the oldest of all the Indian languages, and hence a significant part of the Indian culture. The language enjoys an unbroken literary history of over a thousand years and has won several Jnanpith Awards over the years. Therefore, it is a historically significant language that was spoken across various dynasties across southern India.

According to the Ethnologue, Kannada has got around 20 dialects, based on the regions where people speak them, and caste that speaks them. The dialects of Kannada include Havigannada, which is spoken by the Havyaka Brahmins, Nadavar-Kannada, where the Nadavarus speak, Kundagannada, which is spoken exclusively across Brahmavara, Kundapura, Hebri, and Bynduru.

Besides, the other dialects include Malenadu Kannada that the people from Shimoga, Coorg, Sakaleshpur, and Chikmagalur speak, and Are Bhashe, which is spoken by the Gowda people from Madikeri and Sullia in Dakshina Kannada. Apart from these, the other dialects of the Kannada language include Dharwad Kannada, Gulbarga Kannada, and Sholaga.

Commercially, Kannada is a crucial language, as it belongs to one of the fastest-developing states of India, Karnataka. Karnataka is home to the most prominent IT hub of India – Bangalore. Bangalore’s growing urban population, along with the number of Kannada speakers across the state and around the world, make Kannada translations crucial to the success of every business that intends to blossom within the Kannada-speaking regions, and Kannada-speaking people.

Why You Should Add Kannada Language to Your Website

Kannada continues to remain a popular language across the world owing to the significant number of Kannada speakers spread everywhere. Kannada-speaking people have been out of India for quite a long time. A lot of them have been engaged in various professions, including IT, manufacturing, education, and many others. Several Kannada-speaking people hold prominent positions in various IT companies and other organizations in foreign countries.

Countries that host a number of Kannada speaking population include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and many others. B, the language isn’t as prominent as its counterparts, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Nevertheless, that doesn’t let Kannada lose its prominence across the global market, and which is why Kannada yet remains an important language outside India.

How can reaching out to the Global Kannada-Speaking Population benefit your Business?

Kannada may not be as prominent as the other south Indian languages. Yet, the language has millions of speakers residing abroad. Besides, the range of occupations that the Kannada-speaking population is engaged in makes it an even more significant language. The foremost benefit of reaching out to the Kannada-speaking people outside India is the outreach that you create for your business.

Whether small or large, creating a global outreach always proves beneficial for every business. It helps you step out of your regular business zone and creates additional global business opportunities. Foreign currency earning, on the other hand, is another benefit that follows global business. So, what do you do to tap the Kannada-speaking population residing abroad?

Tapping the significant number of Kannada-speaking people living outside India demands a strong and sustainable localization strategy. So, the first step you take towards giving your business a global outreach is to have your brand speak the Kannada language. Why?

Language is something that binds people living abroad together and connects them with the brands that speak their language, which in this case, is Kannada. For someone who’s been away from the homeland and the native language for years, a brand that speaks his own language offers a pleasant and soothing experience that connects him with it instantly.

This applies to every brand from every industry that intends to grow its presence, and increase regional sales within the Kannada-speaking population spread around the globe. So, for instance, if you are an eCommerce company that intends to target the Kannada-speaking audience, you must translate your website content, product offerings, product information, terms, and conditions, etc. in the Kannada language.

It will not only help your consumers make informed decisions but also translate into increased online global sales for your company!

Need to Translate Your Website or Web Portal in Kannada?

Talk about the Kannada language translations in India, and you directly talk about tapping the 50 million speakers of the language spread mostly in Karnataka, but otherwise to a considerable extent across the length and breadth of the country. On the other hand, Karnataka has a large number of regional internet users, which constitutes an opportunity for brands intending to grow regional online business in the country’s Kannada-speaking regions.

Your website, while making your way to the regional speaker-base of the Kannada language, plays an important role. But, simply having a website doesn’t suffice. You require a website that speaks linguistically, technically and culturally correct Kannada.

Adding Kannada support to your website and translating your existing Website in Kannada brings several benefits to the table in the long run. The foremost is helping you connect with the native Kannada-speaking audience, and making you a local brand that every native prospect reckons with.

In other words, it simplifies your journey to increasing regional sales. On the other hand, it helps your native audience get a comprehensive understanding of your products and service proposals and make the best use of it for their benefit.

All of these factors somewhere help you establish brand trust and credibility and contribute to profits arising out of the regional business. Precisely, here are five reasons that make Kannada website translations a must for every brand that wants to flourish in the Kannada-speaking market.

  1. Establish local credibility and trust among the native audience
  2. Help the local prospects understand the web content and make informed decisions.
  3. Outperform competitors that may not have the same localization strategy
  4. Create sustainable business opportunities
  5. Increase regional online sales.

Translate Your Existing Website in Kannada with The Website Translator

Apparently, website translation seems obvious and easy. But, in reality, it isn’t. It encompasses a range of critical factors, alongside linguistic accuracy, technical correctness, and taking care of cultural sensitivities. Besides, technological challenges such as CMS, web architectures, formats, fonts, script support, etc. are other elements that add to the difficulties of companies intending to translate their website in Kannada. But, Website Translator helps you overcome all these challenges easily!

The Website translator is a comprehensive Kannada website translation solution that offers end-to-end, as well as partial translations to help business owners deliver a personalized approach to their prospects in the linguistic form. The translation solution comprises in-built linguistic expertise that ensures accuracy on every little yet critical aspect of the Kannada language.

Besides, Website Translator helps translate content across every CMS, including Joomla, Shopify, WordPress, etc. It is compatible with multiple web architectures, and which is another reason why some of the most prominent Indian brands trust Website Translator as their website translation partner.

The solution is SEO compliant and contributes to an improvement to the search engine rankings local language and voice search. Apart from that, Website Translator is absolutely secure. The deployment happens within your hosting or premises, and because it doesn’t touch the source code or the database of your existing website, your website remains secure, and there’s no data loss either!

The Website Translator supports the Kannada script, and hence you enjoy consistent user experience throughout every device, webpage format, template, etc. Alongside, Website Translator comes with an efficient change support management system that helps you manage changes, additions, deletions, modifications, etc. to your website across different languages in a hassle-free and efficient manner.

The Website Translator is your answer to accurate and connecting Kannada language website translations! With Website Translator by your side, step in the Kannada-speaking market with a website that speaks the language of your target audience, and one that turns fruitful in the form of increased trust, and online regional sales.