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Translate Website in Gujarati – English Gujarati Website Translation

English Gujarati Website Translation

Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language that the people of Gujarat, a state on the western coast of the country, speak. People speaking Gujarati are termed Gujaratis. Worldwide, around 60 million people speak Gujarati, out of which approximately 55-56 million are first-language speakers, and the rest speak it as their second language. Gujarati is the official language of Gujarat. It is the sixth most widely spoken language in India and the 26th most widely spoken one in the world by the number of speakers.

Gujarati is believed to have descended from Old Gujarati. But, it holds resemblance with various Indian languages, including Marathi, Hindi, and others. It is around 700 years old and spoken across many other neighboring states, including Maharashtra (the northern parts, including Khandesh), Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, southern parts of Rajasthan to some extent, and some regions of the western part of the neighboring Madhya Pradesh as well.

Gujarati follows various writing scripts. It includes the Gujarati script (Brahmic), the Gujarati Braille script, Arabic script, and Devanagari one. The language has several named after the regions wherein people speak them. They include Surati, Saurashtra, Kharua, Tarimukhi, Kathiyawadi, Khakari, East African Gujarati, and many others, in and outside India.

Furthermore, these dialects have their own regional versions. For instance, Gohilwadi, Bhavnagari, Jhalawadi, Sorathi, Halari, etc. are varieties of the Kathiyawadi dialect.

Why You Should Have Your Website Translated in Gujarati

Gujarati is probably the largest, and also the oldest of all the Indian communities living abroad. Gujaratis are spread across all the six habitable continents on earth. However, a significant majority of Gujaratis reside in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and a lot of African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Sudan (since the 19th century), Benin, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Australia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Senegal, and many others.

Gujaratis are known for their entrepreneurial skills. Hence, they are found throughout the world, from the United States to Australia, and further to New Zealand, Fiji, and beyond.

The Gujarati-speaking diaspora in these countries is engaged in several business activities, right from running grocery stores, to driving the economy by running large industries, and manufacturing setups. Over the years, they’ve become a significant part of the respective country’s economy, and which is why they’ve continued to garner respect and love in every country that has been their home for years.

Now, the Gujarati spoken in all the above countries varies to different extents. It has its own variety with local words, combination of words, phrases, etc. along with minor linguistic variations as against the standard form of the language spoken in Gujarat.

Coming to numbers, besides the 55 million speakers that language has in India, there are over 4-5 million speakers spread across the globe. For instance, in the United Kingdom, Gujaratis constitute over 50% of the Indian population residing on the island. Again, in the United States as well, Gujaratis control over 40% of the hospitality industry of the country. They’ve been running motels, hotels, and departmental stores in the United States for years. Canada also has a significant number of Gujaratis.

In Africa, Gujaratis constitute a vital part of the economy of a lot of countries. It includes Kenya, along with many others. In these countries, the Gujaratis have been living in harmony with the local population and generating employment to support the nation’s development. They have been able to blend themselves with the country’s culture and local language, although yes, they’ve always maintained and nurtured their original culture, language, and existence.

Growing Global – Reaching to Gujarati Community across the Globe

Sixty million is a large number, and if you consider the spread of Gujarati speakers across the globe, reaching out to the global Indian Gujarati-speaking community brings a host of sustainable opportunities for your business. Growing and going global refer to a visionary and localized strategy that targets the Gujarati speaking communities. Language, in this regard, proves a critical tool.

While most Gujaratis are well-qualified and successful businessmen, many of them, especially those who work in manufacturing units, are workers, helpers, etc. and aren’t as well-versed with English. Such people mostly work with companies owned by fellow Gujaratis, and hence, seldom get the opportunity to learn English, and interact in it.

The point is, these, and a lot of others as well, prefer dealing in Gujarati. Web content isn’t and exception to it. Dealing with Gujarati web content, for these people, is like going back to their roots, and enjoying a personalized linguistic experience. So, localizing apps, portals, and most importantly, websites prove significant from the viewpoint of reaching the Gujarati-speaking communities abroad.

For instance, let us say you are an exporter of authentic and traditional Gujarati items, such as clothes, utensils, spices, etc. manufacturing which, is either too expensive or not possible abroad.

The products are unique, and hence, you’ve got a lot of scope for business. However, the first step towards increasing sales is establishing connections with the local Gujarati-speaking prospect base. Language is among the very first elements that pave the way to creating sustainable relationships with the Gujarati-speaking audience, and hence, you’ve got to translate your website in Gujarati.

Now, why translate your website in Gujarati? A lot of transactions that involve ordering items from abroad happen online. Your website, in this regard, represents your business, ideologies, and your approach. A Gujarati website quickly connects with the native audience and helps convey information and products in a better and a more connecting manner to the Gujarati prospects.

To sum up, translating your website in Gujarati opens access to millions of Gujarati speakers abroad, and hence, creates global sales opportunities for your brand.

Adding Gujarati language to E-commerce or Web Portal

Gujarat is one of the fastest-growing states in India. The past couple of decades, in particular, have been very exciting and prospering in terms of industrial growth, urban, and economic development.

Gujarat has grown on the virtual usage front as well. The state records a healthy 42% internet user ratio among every 104 mobile connections. That makes Gujarat the eighth largest state by the number of internet subscribers in India, and the number is only increasing by the day.

Barring the urban areas such as Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Surat, etc. a significant chunk of internet users in Gujarat still prefer reading Gujarati web content. Hence, a Gujarati-speaking brand is more likely to thrive and generate sustainable business for the business owner. It is because such a brand connects with the local prospects. Regional users constitute a crucial and massive group of untapped opportunities, like dealing with local brands; hence, Gujarati website translations prove essential.

Language is a critical weapon when it comes to business; hence, there are some reasons why Gujarati website translations are crucial for increasing the regional market.

  • Help consumers make informed decisions through Gujarati content.
  • Reach a more significant number of regional as well as urban Gujarati-speaking prospects
  • Build trust and establish credibility among the local Gujarati internet users.
  • Create sustainable and regional business opportunities through increased lead conversions
  • Become a local Gujarati brand that people relate with.
  • Increase regional sales that contribute to the overall national sales of the company.

English to Gujarati Website Translator – How to Translate Website in Gujarati

The Website Translator is a comprehensive Gujarati website translation solution. It transcends website translations and provides a range of technical as well as commercial benefits to every brand looking forward to expanding in the Gujarati-speaking regions of the world, and India.

The Website Translator exceeds the capabilities of all the other human-based, mechanical, free online translation widget or tool, and CMS plug-ins. It is a complete subscription-based translation solution that gives you the upper edge when it comes to outperforming your competitors on the linguistic front.

  1. Tested and Proven Solution: Website Translator is a tested and proven solution. It has been recognized as an end-to-end translation solution that offers linguistic and commercial benefits to every brand that subscribes to it.
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  3. The Original Code or Database Remain Untouched: Website Translator doesn’t change the source code or touches the database. It keeps you away from security risks and data loss.
  4. End-to-End Translation: The solution helps you translate various elements of a website, including text in banners, menus, widgets, online banking instructions, etc. It translates each of these elements appropriately, without deviating from the original information. It also keeps cultural sensitivities in mind while translating.
  5. Choice of Translation Scope: Website Translator allows you to choose specific sections or content types relevant to your business.
  6. Deployment Within your Hosting, or Premises: Website Translator is deployed within your hosting or your premises. So, no more data security worries!
  7. SEO Compliant and Consistent User Experience: Website Translator is SEO compliant, and the translated content contributes to improved SEO rankings through local language search, and voice search. The translation quality is also consistent throughout multiple devices and CMSs.
  8. Efficient Change Management System: Website Translator comes with an efficient change management system that helps you make changes, or manage factors such as additions, deletions, etc. throughout the website, and across all the languages.
  9. Gujarati Script Support: The solution supports the Gujarati script. Besides, it also facilitates translations for a variety of Indian, and foreign language pairs, such as English to Gujarati, Hindi to Gujarati, French to Gujarati, Arabic to Gujarati, etc.

Gujarat is termed the land of opportunities, and Website Translator is a solution that helps you tap them through accurate translations, and therefore sustainable native connections. So, if you wish to leverage business opportunities in Gujarati-speaking regions, subscribe to The Website Translator.