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Translate Website in French – English to French Website Translation

English to French Website Translation

French is a Romance language belonging to the Indo-European family of languages. The language descended from Vulgar Latin and evolved from Gallo-Romance. It is one of the six languages of the United Nations. Also, it constitutes the first or the second languages of a lot of international organizations such as the European Union, World Trade Organization, International Committee of the Red Cross, and many others.

French is among the most widely spoken languages in the world and considered to be one of the most useful languages for businesses around the world. It not only has a substantial number of speakers, speaking it as the first and second language, but its geographical spread as well is vast.

It is estimated that there are over 76 million native French speakers and about 235 million that constitute the fluent speakers of the language. Also, it has over 80 million second-language speakers. So, the approximate number of worldwide French speakers reaches around 400 million.

Now, when you talk about French’s geographical spread, probably no other language in the world enjoys as much land cover as French does. French is spoken in over 29 countries from all the six habitable continents of the world.

Starting from the west, French has a considerable speaker base in Canada. The language is widely spoken in the eastern province of Quebec. Alongside Canada, there’s a significant number of French speakers residing in the United States as well. The regions include Maine, Vermont, Louisiana, and New Hampshire.

When it comes to the number of French speakers, the African continent too doesn’t lag either. The continent has the highest number of French-speaking countries, owing to the presence of the French for over centuries. The French-speaking nations in Africa include Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Burundi, Algeria, Benin, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Rwanda, Mali, Madagascar, Senegal, Mauritius, Seychelles, Togo, Ivory Coast, Niger, Tunisia, and Morocco.

Moving towards the north in Europe, besides France, where the language enjoys official status, French is spoken in many other countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Switzerland. Now, if you travel towards the east, you find French speakers India (Pondicherry in the south), Vanuatu, French Polynesia, Wallis, Futuna, and New Caledonia. Apart from these, you can come across French speakers in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia as well.

Why is French an Essential Language from the Global Business Perspective?

The worldwide spread of France, along with a massive number of speakers of the language, makes it a language critical to every business that plans for expansion in the French-speaking countries. But, here a few more reasons that make French and French translations even more crucial for business.

Third Most Useful Language for Business

French’s significance, the number of speakers, and the number of countries wherein people speak it (albeit with regional variations) makes it the third most useful language for business. The only languages that lead the French are English and Mandarin.

The Most Widely spoken Language in Europe in the Future

According to the France Diplomate website, by 2025, demographers project French to be the most widely spoken language in Europe, outnumbering German. France’s birth rate is one reason that will help grow the language’s prominence across the continent.

French is the Sixth Most Popular Language on the Internet

French, after English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese, is the sixth most popular language on the internet. But, with the penetration of the internet in the African countries, experts project rapid growth in the number of French internet users, thereby outgrowing a lot of other international languages in the years to come. So, if you’ve got to step out in the world, French and French translations are worthwhile considerations.

French-Speaking Countries are Rapidly Developing

Some of the French-speaking countries in the world are among the most rapidly developing. It includes countries from western and northern Africa, including Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Burundi, and Rwanda.

These countries, in recent years, have started to show a lot of potential for various businesses, including tourism, manufacturing, food and beverages, eLearning, and many others.

This is another reason why business owners planning to blossom in the French-speaking regions of the world must not ignore French and French translations.

French Translations help create Better Connections

Like every other individual on earth, a native French speaker loves to interact in French and appreciates it, even more, when a brand or a company interact with him in French. The fact that the language helps build connections makes French translations a must in the French-speaking world.

Besides, appropriate, and accurate French translations, taking the regional variations into considerations, open access to the large base of over 400 French speakers spread across 29 countries of the world. So, one initiative translates into numerous benefits in the long run.

Benefits of Translating Your Website in French

Often, a lot of business owners, especially the ones with plans for international expansions, stay overwhelmed with administrative and operational hassles for better business functioning, and settling down quickly in the new territory. While streamlining these factors is crucial, they tend to overlook, or forget giving the local language the considerable thought that it deserves.

Of course, they aren’t completely at fault. For years, we’ve been restricting our understanding and significance of a particular language to the country’s or the region’s culture.

But, with a continual rise in the number of regional internet users, languages other than English have began gaining momentum on the internet, and, so the unilingual thought process, and approach does not prove as fruitful anymore. French isn’t an exception to the situation.

Nevertheless, the situation is changing. As, the localization wave continues to tighten its grip over the business world on the virtual front, French language translations are becoming increasingly critical. Here are some of the sustainable benefits that French translations bring to the table.

  • Provide French content to a lot of unilingual internet users that demand web content in the French language.
  • Earn access to French speakers from all the French-speaking countries from various corners of the world.
  • Appear French across every aspect, and therefore stand a better chance of winning business.
  • Develop trust and connections over a while with the French-speaking audience.
  • Increase website traffic through improved local search engine rankings
  • Improve the quality of leads, and improve the lead conversion rate of the website.
  • Generate local business opportunities throughout French
  • Increase online regional sales.

Translate English Website to French with The Website Translator

When you’ve got automated and mechanical translation tools, why do you need a translation solution? Well, the answer is quality, translational accuracy, and a lot of other technical and commercial benefits.

A lot of translation tools in the market aren’t specialized in website translation. They only translate the text, with a very little or no consideration to factors such as contextual relevance, and linguistic and technical accuracy. With them, business owners may save some money and time, but they miss onto the most crucial element, and that’s quality!

The Website Translator is a one of its kind, subscription-based solution that specializes in translating a multitude of websites from the English to the French language, and into French, from various other languages across the globe. The built-in linguistic and technical capabilities of The Website Translator help you leverage accurate, high-quality, and contextually correct translations.

Each and every word and sentence that solution translates reflects its proficiency. But then, high-quality translation isn’t the only feature or benefit you reap from Website Translator. There are several others that make it the best French website translation solution in the world.

Trusted Website Translation Solution

The Website Translator is trusted by various reputed brands from multiple industries. It continues to deliver results in the form of high-quality translations.

Full and Partial Website Translation

With The Website Translator, you may choose to translate the entire website, or a part of it based on the business, or the local market needs.

Website and Data Security

The Website Translator is one of the most secure French website translation solutions. The solution is engineered after investing a considerable thought on the security concerns of website owners across the globe. The Website Translator translates from English to French and translations into French from various other languages around the world, without touching the source code of the website. It enables deployment within your hosting or premises. So, both of these factors refer to website security.

SEO Compliance

SEO compliance is the first step when it comes to developing multilingual websites and paving the way to reaping SEO benefits. The Website Translator is an SEO compliant French website translation solution. It translates website content, metadata, and makes use of the appropriate local language keywords to give your website the SEO advantage it deserves.

Multiple Script Support

The Website Translator offers a built-in capability to support various script types, including Latin, Arabic, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), and many others. So, when it comes to French that follows the Latin script, you enjoy accurate, high-quality French translations throughout.

Website Translations on Multiple CMSs and Compatibility with Web Architectures

The Website Translator translates content on multiple CMSs such as Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, etc. Besides, it is compatible with various complex web architectures, and hence it is a perfect modern-day French website translation solution.

Efficient Change Management System

The Website Translator helps you manage changes, whether small or significant, through built-in change management capabilities. It enables you to incorporate changes throughout the entire website, without disrupting the website’s usual functioning. This feature proves beneficial, especially in the case of a multilingual setup.

Consistent User Experience

The Website Translator delivers consistent user experience across various devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Hence, readers enjoy a seamless local language content experience, no matter the device they use to browse the content.