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Translate Website in Tamil – English Tamil Website Translation

English Tamil Website Translation

Importance of Adding Tamil Language to Your Website

Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the world. The records that literary historians have are as old as 2000 years. That also makes it one of the oldest surviving classical languages in the world. Tamil is a Dravidian language that people from the southern Indian state of Tamilnadu, and to a considerable extent, the people from Sri Lanka as well speak.

Tamil is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India. However, it enjoys official status in Sri Lanka and Singapore. Besides, these regions, and countries, Tamil also happens to be the language of education in Malaysia. Apart from Tamilnadu, Tamil is widely spoken in the other Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. Alongside these states, you can find a considerable number of Tamil speakers in Maharashtra and the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The language has a number of dialects based on the regions where people speak them. Tamil’s list of dialects includes the Central Tamil dialect, Madurai Tamil, Kongu Tamil, Madras Bashai, Tirunelveli Tamil, and many others. Each of these dialects has its own peculiarities, style, and native words.

Tamil has over 81 million speakers across the globe. Approximately 75 million out of those are native Tamil speakers, and the remaining ones are second language ones. These speakers are spread around the world, right from the United States, wherein there’s a massive Tamil-speaking Indian diaspora, to South East Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia, wherein Tamil is a popular language from both the cultural, as well as the academic aspect.

Connecting With Your Tamil Speaking Online Users

Tamilians are spread across the globe. They’ve been out for trade and commerce for several years. A lot of Tamilians have become native to countries like Singapore, and have spent generations in these countries. These factors have contributed to Tamil’s global popularity, which is why, when it comes to global business expansion, Tamil is essential, especially in the Tamil-dominated regions.

Besides India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore, countries like Mauritius, South Africa, along with Middle Eastern countries like the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and some North African countries like Sudan, etc. have a considerable number of Tamil speakers. Most of the Tamilians residing in these countries are involved in the manufacturing industry’s jobs and services. Apart from these countries, some West African countries like Nigeria also host a significant chunk of the Tamil-speaking diaspora.

Among these, Tamil constitutes one of the minority languages in Mauritius, South Africa, and Malaysia. Besides, Tamil has had a profound cultural impact in Seychelles and Reunion, although the language doesn’t enjoy official status in these countries. These facts make Tamilians a significant consumer base inside, as well as outside India.

Reach out to the Global Tamil Audience in Their Language

Overseas, the Tamil-speaking Indian community is significant enough to drive a part of the regional sales of your business in those regions. A substantial number of Tamilians residing abroad are unilingual. Although some of them have managed to learn the local language of the country, along with English, they prefer speaking in Tamil and dealing with internet content in the Tamil language.

Hence, going and growing global doesn’t necessarily mean standardizing everything. It refers to the approach and thought process that implies going global, but at the same time, thinking and acting locally. It points towards a regional and customized approach that resonates with that of the particular audience, and which, in this case, is Tamil.

Language is one of those many factors that make a difference when it comes to connecting with people. You connect quicker and better when you speak the language of a particular individual, and it holds true in the case of Tamil-speaking people as well. If your brand speaks Tamil in an overseas market, you put yourself in a better position than that of your competitors to win their business.

Besides, you keep creating sustainable business opportunities for yourself within their market, as you appear local to your Tamil target audience, and for them, dealing with you is like coming home! These intangible factors play a very crucial role in the success of your brand in the long run.

Translate English Website in Tamil – Go Local, Win Regional

Tamilnadu is one of the largest states by area, and also in terms of the population. The state is home to millions of first language Tamil speakers, and also to the metropolitan of Chennai. Tamilnadu has a large number of urban internet users. But according to a report, the state is only second to Himachal Pradesh in terms of the number of rural smartphone users. So, whether urban or rural, Tamilnadu brings enormous potential for business across all its regions.

On the other hand, a majority of Tamilians, especially the ones from the rural regions, speak only Tamil. Although the number of English speakers across the state is on continual rise, Tamil yet constitutes the only language of a substantial number of people in Tamilnadu. Besides, as said earlier, language is something that instantly connects people with people, and hence, adding Tamil support to your website through Tamil language translations becomes crucial.

For instance, you are an online clothing brand from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and according to the region your business hails from, you’ve got an out and out English website. Now, you intend to take your spread your wings throughout various states in India, and out of which, Tamilnadu is a priority one.

With an English website, you may perform well in the urban regions of Tamilnadu. With such a narrow approach, you stand a very little or perhaps no chance of success in Tamilnadu’s regional markets, wherein English isn’t as common, or not in use at all.

Your product may exemplify the highest levels of quality. But, it may not work with a standardized approach that doesn’t address the linguistic needs of your rural or regional consumer base. So, considering the number of regional internet users in Tamilnadu, one of the best and the very first ways to penetrate the local market is to translate your website in Tamil!

It proves beneficial in various ways. A Tamil website, addressing regional Tamil internet users and online shoppers help the users understand the product well, and make informed buying decisions. For you, as the business owner, it contributes to an increase in regional sales. Here are some benefits of adding Tamil support in the form of the Tamil language content to your website.

  • Reach a larger number of Tamil-speaking prospects
  • Help consumers make informed decisions with the help of local language content.
  • Better and sustainable penetration in the local market.
  • Create trust and establish credibility among the local users.
  • Increase the number of regional prospects
  • Increase the rate of lead conversions and online transactions.
  • Create sustainable and regional business opportunities.
  • Become a local brand that appears local and speaks the native language
  • Increase regional sales.

How to Translate Existing Website in Tamil

Language is one of the critical factors that lead to success in the regional market. And, with the ever-increasing use of the internet to browse websites, use portals, etc. translating your existing in website becomes imperative. But, translation isn’t as apparent as it seems. It involves an extensive range of elements such as linguistic accuracy, technical correctness, cultural sensitivities, user experience, translation quality, etc. that need to be taken care of.

Manual translations and the use of mechanical tools for translations don’t prove as useful, as they only help you translate the content. They don’t necessarily consider factors such as user experience, contextual accuracy, etc. into consideration. Hence, you need Website Translator!

The Website Translator is a comprehensive Tamil website translation solution that translates your website from English to Tamil language efficiently and comprehensively.

But, it proves advantageous in several ways. It outperforms all the other human-based, mechanical, free online translation widget or tool, and CMS plug-ins that don’t have as many translation capabilities and offer as many benefits as Website Translator does. Here are some benefits of using Website Translator for Tamil website translations for every business and industry.

  1. Tested and Proven Solution: Website Translator is a tested and proven solution for Tamil language translations. It is trusted by many reputed brands across various industries in India and abroad.
  2. Translates any CMS, Platform of Web Architecture: Website Translation doesn’t limit itself to a particular CMS, or a platform while translating your website in the Tamil language. It is a competitive Tamil language translation solution that works on every CMS, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Besides, it is compatible with multiple web architectures.
  3. The Original Code or Database Remain Untouched: Website Translator keeps the source code as it is. This keeps you away from security risks and data loss, which isn’t necessarily a benefit with other translation solutions on the market. Besides, the deployment takes place within your hosting and premises. So, again, no security issues!
  4. End-to-End Translation: Tamil website translations comprise translating various factors such as translating English content into Tamil, translating English menus into Tamil, user instructions, product information, etc. into the Tamil language. Website Translator does it all with ease and accuracy. You can translate the entire website into Tamil with Website Translator. In case you wish to translate only a part of your website, Website Translator allows you to do so through selecting the appropriate option.
  5. SEO Compliant and Consistent User Experience: Website Translator is SEO compliant. It proves vital in enhancing local search rankings through local language searches. On the other hand, the translation quality remains consistent, and the content appears the same throughout all the devices, including mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.
  6. Efficient Change Management System: Website Translator offers an efficient and comprehensive change management system. So, no matter the size of your website, and the volume of content in it, with Website Translate by your side, you can manage changes, additions, deletions, etc. throughout the website.

So, if you are a business owner looking forward to expanding in the Tamil-speaking regions of India, and the world, subscribe to Website Translator. The solution helps you translate your website from English to Tamil and from various languages around the globe into Tamil with absolute accuracy!

To translate your existing website in Tamil, or add Tamil language support to your online platform, feel free to contact us with the website details. We will respond to discuss and present our quote and estimates towards Website translation for Tamil based on your inputs.