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Translate Website in Hindi – English Hindi Website Translation

English Hindi Website Translation

Why Your Website Should be in Hindi

Hindi, historically also called Hindavi, or Hindui, is an Indo-Aryan language that is primarily spoken across various states of India and is termed the country’s national language. It is only fourth to Mandarin, Spanish, and English in terms of the number of worldwide speakers.

Hindi, although spoken across India’s length and breadth, is widely spoken across states such as Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Haryana.

The language enjoys a considerable number of speakers in many other states, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jammu, Kashmir, Uttaranchal, and others. However, yes, each of these states has got its independent, yet unofficial variant of Hindi that blends the state’s language, and dialects into the Hindi language.

Hindi derives a lot of its words, phrases, etc. from the Sanskrit language. But, if you take a look at the modern versions and variants of the Hindi language, using languages such as English, along with the local languages, has become a regular practice in day to day conversations.

So, Hindi, especially when it comes to like daily interaction, like many other languages across the world, has evolved with time. However, even today, when it comes to dealing with the written form of the language across newspapers and educational textbooks, one can find the use of the purer form of the language.

Hindi has a striking resemblance to Urdu, which happens to be another widely spoken language in India. So, people who speak and understand Hindi also comprehend Urdu and vice versa. But then, the scripts of both these languages are different, and hence, someone who reads Hindi, may not necessarily be able to read the Urdu script, and vice versa, unless trained on the scripts.

Global Hindi Speaking Population

In India, around 44% of its population speaks Hindi as its first language. So, about half of the people in the country are native speakers of the language.

So, considering India’s population, which is somewhere around 1.3 billion, the 44% translates to somewhere about 55-60 crore first language speakers of Hindi.

Now, that’s with the first language speakers. The number increases further if you consider the second (approximately 13 crores) and third language (around 2.5 crores) speakers. Again, these are only Indian figures. Now, let us take a look at the global Hindi speaking population.

Over centuries, Indians have migrated to various places across the world and hence have taken the language along with them to all these places. Therefore, apart from India, you can find Hindi speaking Indian diaspora in many other places such as Mauritius, Caribbean Islands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Fiji Island, along with many countries in East Africa, and the Middle East.

Globally, there are over 120 million Hindi speakers. So, besides India, Nepal (8 million), United States (0.65 million), Mauritius (0.45 million), Fiji (0.38 million), and South Africa (0.25 million) have the largest number of speakers. But, apart from these, other countries that host a considerable number of Hindi speakers include Suriname, Uganda, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Trinidad, Tobago, Singapore, Kenya, UAE, and the UAE, Congo, Benin, and Canada.

In some countries like Mauritius, for instance, one can also find the airport boards written in Hindi, along with English and French. In UAE, on the other hand, almost everyone you come across can speak in Hindi. Hence, Hindi becomes an essential language around the globe, and so Hindi language translations too become relevant, and in fact, imperative in the modern-day business context.

Growing Global – Reaching to the Indian Community across Globe

Now, how significant is Hindi, in terms of business? English, for years, has been the Lingua Franca of the business world. But lately, the localization wave has also made the local languages crucial to the success of every business. Brands that speak the local languages through their products, services, applications, and websites stand a better chance of increasing their regional sales.

Hindi, with its staggering number of speakers around the globe, and its geographical expanse, therefore constitutes a critical language to the success of businesses intending to blossom among the Hindi-speaking people, and in the Hindi-speaking regions of the world. A brand speaking Hindi instantly connects with the approximately 1 billion people that speak in Hindi across the globe.

So, these facts indicate that a brand speaking Hindi is likely to be more successful in the Hindi-speaking regions, and among the Hindi-speaking areas of the world.

Translate Website for India – Localize Website and Web App in Hindi

While the Indian urban and cosmopolitan market attracts millions of business owners worldwide, it is the regional Indian markets that open access to a super-massive base of consumers. Considering Hindi’s geographical expanse across the country, and with its number of first, second, and third language speakers, adding Hindi support to your website gives you the upper hand over your competitors.

In recent years, especially since 2013-14, there has been a splurge in the number of internet users throughout the country. And, surprisingly, most of them have been from the interiors of the country. A large number of these internet users speak Hindi as their first or the native language. These users are adept at the use of the internet, but they aren’t as comfortable in dealing with web content in English.

While a few of them manage to live with the challenge, and out and out English language website or portal only dissuades the rest from the use of the internet. Hence, they resort to conventional shopping and information-seeking methods. In such a situation, brands that stick to unilingual websites lose onto a large consumer base and regional business opportunities because of a poor local virtual presence.

It is here that Hindi language support comes into the picture. For instance, say you are an online shopping website with an established presence across various metro cities of India. But, you are looking forward to expanding into the regional markets of India. Besides localizing the feel, the appearance of your website or portal, you must also translate your content in Hindi. Translating your website in Hindi will bring several advantages to yours and your prospect’s table.

For the consumers, web support in Hindi will help them understand the content better and make informed decisions. For you, on the other hand, it will help you build your brand image, establish trust and credibility among the local consumers, and pave the way to regional online sales. All of which isn’t possible otherwise with a global, yet narrow, restricted and unilingual mindset!

The Website Translator for Hindi

Translations, although appear a small step from the viewpoint of increasing regional sales, aren’t as obvious as they appear. They have to be accurate across every front, right from the quality of the language, correctness to accuracy concerning the business terms and terminologies, and the cultural implications of the region you target.

The Website Translator, in this regard, comes in as a tested and proven translation solution. It is trusted by several reputed global brands. The solution is capable of translating content on any CMS, and compatible with every web architecture and platform. It proves a comprehensive answer towards the delivery of complete, accurate, and safe Hindi language translations for your website.

Secure Website Translation Solution

Website Translator doesn’t touch the source code and the database of the website. Besides, the deployment happens within your hosting or premises, so the solution is secure on every front.

Top Quality Translations and Consistent Linguistic and User Experience

The solution delivers consistent user experience and Hindi translation quality across all the pages of your website. Alongside this, it takes care of linguistic and technical correctness and considers cultural sensitivities in mind while translating, thereby proving helpful in connecting you with the local audience.

Multiple Script Support

The Website Translator supports multilingual scripts such as the Latin script, Devanagari, Arabic, or CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), or scripts of African languages. So, concerning Hindi, which has the Devanagari script, Website Translator provides accurate translations.

Comprehensive Website Translation Solution

The Website Translator translates every element of the website, right from the website’s content, widgets, menus, and data and content feed that the website receives from other sites. But, it also lets you choose the part of the website you wish to translate, in case you don’t want to translate the entire website or portal.

SEO Compliance and Benefits

The solution not only proves technically beneficial but also brings some advantages to the commercial front as well. Website Translator takes care of the SEO part also. It contributes to improved SEO rankings through enhanced voice search, and local language search. Besides, the translations are SEO compliant, which is why using Website Translator helps you leverage the benefits of SEO.

To translate your existing website in Hindi, add Hindi language to your online platform, feel free to contact us with the website details. We will respond to discuss and present our quote and estimates towards Website translation for Hindi based on your inputs.