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Translate Website in German – English to German Website Translation

English to German Website Translation

German is the most widely spoken, and also the official and co-official language of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the Southern Tyrol region of Italy. It is the second most widely spoken Germanic language, after English. It is a West Germanic language that covers a considerable part of Central Europe, and countries beyond as well.

Besides Germany, German constitutes one of the three official languages of Luxembourg, a west European country. Some of the other countries that host a varying number of German speakers include Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Namibia in the southwestern part of Africa.

German holds a significant resemblance with many other languages belonging to the West Germanic branch, including English, Dutch, Afrikaans, Yiddish, Luxembourgish, and others. However, besides these languages, German also holds similarities with North Germanic languages such as Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

German enjoys a substantial number of first as well as second language speakers. It is the first language of over 90 million people and the second language of around 10-15 million people around the globe. That amounts to the German speaker base to over 100 million people!

Germany’s progress as one of the most prominent automobile and manufacturing hubs of the world continues to contribute to the worldwide popularity of the language. Many people learn German from the viewpoint of either migrating to the country or working efficiently with clients and associates from Germany. German translators are in great demand due to every country’s growing business association and trade ties with Germany.

Grow Your Business in Germany – Translate Website in German

With a GDP (PPP) of over USD 4 trillion and per capita of USD 46 thousand, the world looks at Germany as a strong and stable economy. The prominence of industries like automobiles, technology, manufacturing, tourism, etc. contributes to Germany’s reputation as one of the most prosperous, and also one of the most developed countries in the world.

But that is only one reason why you must expand your business in Germany. There are a few others as well that speak for Germany’s worth as a potential market for your business.

Germany is Booming with eCommerce Business Opportunities

Germany has a lot of internet users, and over 50% of the German population uses it to shop for necessary stuff. Of course, you will confront a lot of competition, and but then, that’s inevitable. Nevertheless, as an eCommerce company, or the one with adequate emphasis on selling products online, your business is more likely to prosper in the German markets.

Germans demand Flexible Logistic Solutions

Germany, when it comes to logistics, is a demanding county. Hence, often the existing players find it challenging to thrive and fulfill consumer demands. But, that should not, in any way, deter you from setting up your own logistic service in Germany, if you want to. A competitive service provider is always welcome, and hence your competence may help you win the market, no matter how demanding, competitive, and dynamic it is.

Stable Political, and Economic Environment

As a business owner in Germany, you enjoy a stable political and economic environment for your concepts and ideas. Besides, the country’s strict laws governing inventions, company logos, and concepts help you safeguard intellectual property and your rights associated with it.

Modern Infrastructure

As one of the most developed countries in the world, Germany offers the best of modern infrastructure, right from well-developed, connecting, and well-maintained highways, amazing rail systems, far-reaching airline network, coupled with shipping, and trade and commerce ties with a lot of developed and developing regions of the world.

Such a healthy infrastructure, and business policies prove conducive to companies from various other businesses as well. It includes tourism, healthcare, hospitality, education, banking, and many others.

Of course, several other reasons constitute Germany’s significance from the viewpoint of business expansion. Nevertheless, these are the ones that attract the majority of global players.

Germans don’t let factors such as culture, language, and country, govern their business relationships. But, speaking, and understanding German, and making your brand as well speak it through your website, proves vital, and fruitful in the long run.

Like many other Europeans, Germans as well, like when someone or a particular brand speaks their language. German website translations, in this view, prove essential. They help you give a competitive edge when it comes to working in the German market, and especially when your peers may not necessarily have a linguistic strategy to operate in Germany.

Benefits of Adding German Language Support

German translations, when done in an accurate manner, and with the highest regard for the German culture, along with technical correctness, prove beneficial in many different ways. They create a favorable business environment for companies and help them outgrow their competitors in the long run. Here are some of the advantages of translating your website from English to German.

  • Facilitate German web content to internet users that prefer dealing with content in their local language.
  • Enjoy access to German speakers from all the German-speaking countries across the globe.
  • Appear local, and build a reputation as a local brand.
  • Develop trust and connections over a while with the German-speaking audience.
  • Increase website traffic through improved local search engine rankings, when it comes to local language search, and voice search.
  • Improve the quality of leads, and therefore, improve the lead conversion rate of the website.
  • Generate local business opportunities
  • Increase online regional sales.

Translate your English Website to German with The Website Translator

Often, a lot of companies choose mechanical translators, or automatic translators, to save investments, and most importantly, because they feel translations aren’t as difficult a factor to deal with. While they save a lot of time and money, such an approach does not guarantee technical accuracy, linguistic correctness, and cultural appropriateness.

As a result, the translated language does not connect enough for the native audience, and which may also result in a failed venture. German translation isn’t an easy customer to deal with. They require high levels of accuracy on multiple fronts to ensure they are readable, correct, and that they connect with the native audience.

The Website Translator is a subscription-based website translation solution that proves advantageous in this regard. It translates different types of websites and for every business from English to German, and for many other pairs to ensure a comprehensive website translation solution for every subscriber. The Website Translator offers a range of features that make it a unique website translation solution.


The Website Translator is a proven and trusted solution. It has helped multiple brands across various industries with the most comprehensive website translation solutions.

Website Translations on Multiple CMSs and Compatibility with Web Architectures

The Website Translator is a competitive solution that translates content on multiple CMSs. So, regardless of whether your website is on WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, it delivers the highest quality of translation across every CMS. Besides, the solution’s compatibility with multiple and complex web architectures gives it the upper hand over other website translation solutions.

Website and Data Security

The Website Translator is one of the most secure German website translation solutions. The solution is well-designed and efficient enough to perform English to German translations, and from any language to German without touching the source code of the website. Besides, it allows deployment within your hosting or premises. Both of these factors contribute to website security.

SEO Compliance

While translating your website into German is one factor, making it SEO compliant is another, and in fact, equally critical. The Website Translator is an SEO compliant German website translation solution. Besides accurately translated content, translated metadata, and the appropriate use of the most popular, and relevant local language keywords help enhance the search engine rankings through local search and voice search.

Multiple Script Support

The Website Translator is a comprehensive website translation solution. It comes with the built-in capability to support various script types, including Latin, Arabic, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), and many others worldwide. So, when it comes to German, The Website Translator delivers accurate and high-quality German translations.

Consistent User Experience

The Website Translator doesn’t want its subscribers to lose potential prospects, regardless of the device they access the website through. In this view, the solution is designed to deliver consistent user experience across various devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Hence, readers enjoy a seamless local language content experience.

Efficient Change Management System

Change management constitutes a critical concern for websites hosting a lot of multilingual content. The Website Translator comes with a built-in change management system that helps manage changes of varying extent throughout the site without disrupting the website’s routine operations and functioning.

The German-speaking markets are brewing several business opportunities for every business owner across the globe. You, too, can leverage them, and build a fruitful German-speaking consumer base by having your brand and your website speak the German language.