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How We Translate A Website

Steps to Fast, Accurate and Reliable Website Translation.

Content Selection & Capture


  • Crawler enables quick capture of all URLs along with their text contents. It also facilitates filtering & selection of URLs to decide translation priorities. Along with webpage content, Crawler can also get all PDFs and provide good estimate of budgets required for translation.
  • Crawler is equipped to get unique text segments across the website thereby reducing translation costs significantly. Meta-tags and keywords are also captured – practically all text – even hidden text – is extracted.
  • Crawler is used typically for non-interactive web pages. For interactive pages, Page Grabber supports page navigation while capturing all contents. Page Grabber works in multi-user environment thereby enabling quick navigation of even large number of pages by leveraging multiple users for navigation.
  • In addition to contents, the webpage itself is captured. This is helpful in providing Context to the translator.
    Our team carries out the crawling/grabbing and help finalize the scope.


  • Fully automated or assisted content extraction
  • Easily select pages/section to translate
  • Capture contents with context
  • Avoids duplication – saves translation cost
  • Works with PDF as well


  • Focus on Domain keywords & branding
  • Enforce consistency of keywords not just correct, but appropriate translations: viewer-centric language
  • Reinforce SEO
  • Human translations: no risk of automated translations going wrong. 
  • Managed translation: ensures timely delivery & consistent quality

Process of Translation


  • Includes text analysis for detection of Domain Terminology (TermBase) and Name Entities (Brand Names, other proper nouns etc.). Such entities are vital for ensuring proper SEO and branding.
  • These lists are translated or transliterated in consultation with customers.
  • Translated text is checked for specific usage of Terminology translation.

 SEO Compliant Translation:

Translation is carried out with focus on following –

  • Consistency of Domain Terminology & Name Entities across web pages (and translators)
  • Use of colloquial & locally used word for translations in order to make translated contents more readable to common viewer
  • Early identification & addressing of queries (text not understood by translators) and errors (e.g. spellings)
  • Team communication and Inline QA during translations to ensure consistency and zero-error translations
  • Audit trail in order to pre-empt any quality dilution
  • Block use of Google translation! Ensures Human-only Translations.
  • Translation workbench based on Hybrid Architecture to provide maximum level or automation


External Solution with Cutting Edge Middleware Technology 

  • Fully external Run-time webpage translation technology: ensures implementation without any disruption
  • No engineering or other resource provisioning required (from customer’s side)
  • Deployment on customer’s servers/hosting: no external service required.
  • Enables “full outsourcing” without any code or admin access to CMS/database



  • Completely external solution
  • Zero disruption
  • No internet service requirement


Handling Change Management

  • Deep as well as targeted (specific pages) crawl/grab to catch content change / additions.
  • Integration with Translation Management



  • Avoid untranslated contents
  • Facilitates fast Turn-around
  • Ensure SLAs


Now Serve Your Customers in The Language They Speak!

Going Global or Local, connecting with your end user always builds a bond, and helping them choose their language to connect with you online, will create a unique brand.


Add a New Language to Your Website

Now Go Multilingual, to Grow Multi-fold!

TheWebsiteTranslator can help translate website from any of the business verticals.


Banking, financial services and insurance companies provide a range of financial products or services that are consumer focus. Making their online platform available in the language that customers speak will build a stronger bond, and the brand.


For a consumer focus industry, its vital to build a strong connect with the customer. Language is the key and turning your online presence multilingual will break the language barrier and bring the growth across the regional borders.



Dealing with the health concerns from the society, its important to understand people better. To help them communicate better with you, help them choose their language on your platform. Serve them better, faster.


Making your consumer service portal available in different languages will help your buyers resolve their challenges in using the products better. A strong user friendly online support is a must for any brand today.

Tours & Travel

In the industry where the people are on the move across the borders, language can be a big challenge. Helping your global customers connect with you in their language can be a USP in itself. Go Multilingual.


Automotive industry across the globe has changed over the years and the service areas have already cross the geographical borders. Offering online support in regional languages will build a bond that lasts longer.

Translate Your Website, Go Multilingual