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The Website Translator

Fully Managed Website Translation Solution that Stays Within Your Hosting & Premises

No Code or Database Change

Our website translation solution works independent of your website CMS and hosting platform. No change in code or database updates are required.

Hosted with You, Data is Secured

Our website translation solution can be integrated within your hosting premises that ensures your website data is secured and UX, design stays intact.

SEO Compliant Translation

Our solution ensures that the translated versions of your website are SEO compliant for respective languages, easy to find in search engines.

Quick Change Management Support

With the website translation solution we also handle the change management that comes along with edits and updates to your website. We track changes and ensure a quick, timely edit of the translated content based on the changes done to the source. We can also track and handle translations of new pages that get added to the website.

Translate Website in Any Language

With the website translation solution you can translate your website in any vernacular language. Starting with Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali to Urdu or other Indian regional language based on your consumer base. We can translate Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, French, German, Spanish to any language.

Overcoming Limitations in Website Translation

Free website translation tools have their own limitations in terms of application, handling dynamic elements and contextual accuracy. Proxy based website translation tools most often cannot handle the SEO compliance to deeper levels. We have managed to overcome both the above limitations, ensuring the web pages are accurate and searchable.

With You At Every Stage of Website Translation

1. Website Analysis Support

In our experience of over a decade, we have often seen situations where the website translation project estimates can appear overwhelming without doing the preliminary analysis of your website inventory. To avoid landing up in same situation, we would like to help you analyze your website content, pages, word count. We have developed our own tools which let us do so more effectively and efficiently. We are keen to extend our expertise and support far beyond than just selling you our translation solution.

2. Set the Translation Priorities 

We help you go step by step, identifying the areas of your website which needs to go multilingual on priority. It can be your main menus, top product pages or consumer faced screens. We help you choose your language priorities based on your inputs on target and existing customer base, our study and years of experience in website localization. With so much to do, setting priority always helps draw the project timeline, action plan and set the budgets for the overall website translation.

3. Website Translation Process

With the set priority, we start with website translation process which covers not just typical text content, but goes way ahead of other comparative website translation tools, to ensure the images, the banners, and even the widgets are translated in the set language. We ensure that the translation is in close context with the original web page. Having a consistency in user experience across all language versions of the website, is our top priority.

4. Ensure SEO Compliance

The whole purpose of translating a website in multiple languages is to gain a wider reach, breaking the language barriers. So we not only translate the web pages, we go steps ahead to ensure your translated versions get good visibility in leading search engines. We take care of the initial technical SEO checkpoints like – adding hreflang, optimizing URLs, meta tags in the given language. This helps your new language pages get crawled, index by search engines and rise up in ranking for vernacluar language searches.

Seamless Translation of Large Website, Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Get a Subscription Based Solution To Translate Website in Vernacular languages. 

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."

– Nelson Mandela

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